The Team

Kieran Byrne

Kieran ( is the Managing director of K G Byrne and Associates Ltd, he has been a Financial Advisor since 1983.

For 40 years, Kieran has won many awards for his excellent work, a few of these are on display at the office to motivate himself and the team at KGB His greatest pride is being involved in over £11 million of life, critical illness and sickness cover pay-outs to clients and families.

He is a well-known broker in the industry because of the depth of knowledge and experience he has had over the years is incomparable to most. Kieran has many connections in the financial world and will happily help you achieve whatever it is that you desire. One of his sayings is

“Surround yourself with people who know more than you in their field”

Kieran has the mind of a Godparent when it comes to what he does, he will have the best of craic with you while also maintaining his professional role in making sure you are aware of how to be properly covered.


Jayne is the Office manager at KGB, Jayne ( has been head of admin for 20+ years and continues to do what she does best today, assist every client and stay on top of compliance to make sure that the legal points are covered.

Jayne has experienced working with all types of Mortgages & Protection cases. Her work is greatly valued as she always pays attention to your case long after it is finished to make sure everything has completed correctly, meaning you get what you came for and to protect you from any future financial burdens.

In her spare time she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. One of her children is an award-winning go kart racer.


Ciaran (Protection Advisor) joined KGB in 2021 and already has a wide knowledge base of understanding on how he can help provide value to many lives. 

Ciaran has fully took on his new role and enjoys every second of it, it gives him great pleasure knowing he can help potentially protect you from a future financial burden that may occur, and to put things in place to protect you and your loved ones.

Ciaran surrounds himself with experts in other fields meaning he can help guide you in the right direction with whatever you may need.

Ciaran enjoys spending his time playing for his local football club and attending football games with his brothers & friends.

At KGByrne & Associates we’re all about you and we know what it takes to be your support through one of the most exciting but potentially stressful times in your life. When we say we offer a highly personalised service, we mean it. All our experience has shown us that no two people are alike and there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Where we differ from other advisors or banks is that we offer a real personal touch in everything that we do. While some of the mechanical elements of what we do might be the same for everyone, the needs of each individual client are markedly different from the next – and our appreciation of your particular needs are what sets us apart.

Part of what makes our work rewarding lies in helping people with very specific requirements to achieve what they set out to achieve – whether that’s buying the house of your dreams, enjoying the contented feeling knowing you have very personalised health and income protection, or getting bespoke insurance cover for your property.

It’s not about just understanding the here and now, but also the tomorrow and the journey they need to take to get there. We are interested in helping you for life.

So, whether you’re looking for your first mortgage, moving up the property ladder, transferring or increasing your borrowing to fund a home improvement or looking for personal certainty in an uncertain future, you’ve come to exactly the right place

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