Real Results

Life Insurance cases we helped push so the insurers paid out claims

  1. A client’s child had an operation, after a casual discussion we helped claim £25k as the clients did not realise that they had this cover.
  2. Someone had an early-stage cervical cancer- we helped pay off the majority of their mortgage – and we were able to get her insured again.
  3. A person in financial trouble had a Critical illness claim which, by using a trust this means the pay out was kept away from creditors leaving the funds for their family to use.
  4. Someone with Anxiety received 6 free counselling sessions from the cover they had.
  5. A parent died leaving money to a child who was going through a divorce. The TRUST meant the child’s inheritance was protected and NOT shared in the divorce.
  6. We referred a client to a loss adjuster where there was a far better resolution than offered initially on a house insurance claim.
  7. Someone with a health issue got both a critical illness pay-out and an income protection pay-out. The income protection pay-out is now in place over 3+ years. Remember, you can claim on both plans.
  8. Someone’s partner (who was not insured with us) gained access to detailed medical advice through the insured person’s plan. We got them access to which allowed them to receive more medical help for free.
  9. A client we had not seen in 20 years who told me of their condition in a casual conversation. This was a condition where cover should have paid out . The insurance company not only paid the claim once we made them aware of this but they also refunded the overpaid premiums from around 10+ years ago.
  10. Cover in place 4 days and client discovered a medical issue. It was a cancer, the TWO insurers accepted without questions and paid out AND provided ongoing aftercare.
  11. A 10-year-old child diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes: We helped the clients put in a claim which then paid out from one company + medical advice and assistance from another as we had split cover between insurers – Again, the parents did not realise that the cover was in place. It was just a casual conversation with the uncle alerted us.
  12. We were called by someone who was not a client who were told that they were terminally ill. When their cover (not set up by us) was reviewed, we discovered the plans were NOT in trust. By acting and placing the plan in trust we helped protect the claim they made for the 4 children and allowed the surviving partner to be able to claim benefits which was rightfully theirs. The children were also able to get Grants for university fees – This would not have happened if no trust was in place.
A Critical illness claim that helped support our clients life as she was diagnosed with cancer.

Mortgage cases and results

Most mortgages are reasonably straightforward. Yes, we know there is a mountain of documents needed but we guide you through this. In many cases we have to debate hard with the lenders to ease cases through.

We are all at the mercy of the lenders admin processes and so we can never give an accurate idea how long an offer will take to arrive.

THIS IS WHY A BROKER IS A REAL ASSET WHEN BUYING A PROPERTY. You don’t need or want to be involved in the lender debate.

Some examples of difficult cases below:

New build down a long family owned lane. Lender was worried that should the mortgage fall into arrears , they would not be able to take possession of the house.


Client wanting to buy a derelict house to renovate.. Property had not been lived in for 75 years. WE FOUND A LENDER TO OFFER TERMS

Someone wanting to buy, renovate and sell rental property. They wanted to use their main home like an overdraft. WE FOUND A LENDER TO OFFER TERMS.

Elderly person whose mortgage had come to the end of its term. Lender applying pressure to clear loan. WE FOUND A LENDER TO OFFER TERMS.

Someone with a poor credit history near age 60 needing to move house WE FOUND A LENDER TO OFFER TERMS

Someone Who had been bankrupt 6 + years ago WE FOUND A LENDER TO OFFER TERMS.

Someone only needing a mortgage for 6 months that they could redeem  without penalty WE FOUND A LENDER TO OFFER TERMS.

Someone buying a building site , needing money towards site purchase WE FOUND A LENDER TO OFFER TERMS.

We don’t have the answer to all cases but we do try our absolute best to figure a way to help.

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