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We have had all kinds of Mortgage cases come through our doors over the years. Mortgages can be an excitement or a drag. Our mission is to take the stress and hassle away from you as you know yourself Most people lose interest in mortgages…

We are certain to leave you with the most perfect possible deal to meet your needs – meaning you get the most out of your money.


Since 1983 we have been involved in £11million+ worth of pay outs for Life cover, Critical illness cover & Income Protection. As well as getting your house we will help you keep it too.

One of our main Goals at KGB is to help you understand the value of Protection. If you value your life, you will value Protection.


Trusts are one of the most important pieces of information you should take from our website while you are here. Trusts have helped protect ourselves and our clients assets from being took off them by the banks or the wrong person. The value in knowing how trusts work will benefit you and anyone you share the information with for life.

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We have helped many people protect their assets, life and family in ways they never knew was possible

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If you wish to register a complaint, please click; KGB Complaints. The PDF will guide you through the process.

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