Goal Setting

This page is dedicated to helping you set goals for your life moving forward to allow you to develop into the individual you wish to become and to drop whatever may be holding you back.

This will allow you to move into the future in an ever more present state.

The first step is, open a word document or grab a notebook. 

Let’s make sure the foundations are built on stone and not sand before we proceed any further

Along the process of goal setting you will come into many situations that will make you feel weird and confused, respect that these are natural feelings and thoughts that will occur due to you putting yourself into a new position, simply look at these thoughts and feelings as if you are walking down the street and someone says hello, acknowledge there presence and then continue on your way to your destination, not attached to what has just happened (it is up to you to consider the interactions along the way as good or bad, best not to label and carry on as you were).

We are mentioning this way of thinking at the start because your mind is gonna go up, down, left, right and in circles throughout the process of you becoming a better you and it’s good to know that obviously you are going to have days where you question yourself completely to see if what you are doing is the right thing to do. As long as you have set your clear intentions from the start, which is step one to goal setting, then their is no need to give into any emotions or thoughts be it good or bad, and yes I said good as well as bad because at the end of the day you want to create as little judgement as possible throughout the process of attaining your goals, the more you glamorise the wins, the more you will judge yourself on the days you may not of done what you wished to, so do yourself a favour and move forward always with clear intentions on what it is you desire to have with as least amount of attachment as you can to the good and the bad.

One more thing to remember before we get into this, the majority of people don’t write of have goals of any kind, so you may feel like an outsider along the process of attaining your goals, this is no issue as the main reason for having goals is to become the best you that you can conceive of and wish to be. These goals are for you and only you, yes some people will relate with you along the way however a point will come where you drift because they have their goals and there life and you have yours, similar paths, but different. So don’t get frustrated or confused if your friends and family don’t care about goals and becoming better, people are who they are and it is not our right to try and change them for good or bad unless they ask for a helping hand. Along the way to where you wish to be, it is inevitable from our experience that you will find others that relate to you more, so keep your head in the game and get at it.

Step 1 - Set the goal (place your order with clear intentions)

You aren’t going to get anywhere if you have no direction to head too. I’m not asking you to think like elon musk here and write out “build a mad spaceship and go to mars so me and my mates can chill out”.

Let’s use the infamous boat with no sail analogy. 

The boat with no sail out in the ocean and it wants to get to land, this boat is gonna get no where any time soon, it’s going to rock about and make no progress to its destination because it has no way of guiding it to where it wants to go. The boat with the sail however has a way of moving its position to the position it would like to be, throughout the process of it moving it has to give into the ways of the wind, the wind moves the way it wants to, it’s the wind , its uncontrollable so you have to give into it, however it gives you a chance to move if you sail properly. You have to respect the discipline that is needed to sail the boat, you have to maneuver the sail with the wind to allow your boat the best possible chance to get where it wants to. There will be days when you manage the sail really well and days you don’t, this is fine, just continue to manage the sail and you will get there. For reference the land you wish to get to is the goal, the boat is you, the sail is your intention to your goal and the wind is the outside forces of the world, if you consistently stay malleable enough and work with the wind for talks sake (which means minimal attachment to that which you seek) you will surely guide yourself in the direction to that which you desire to have.

Ok, so write your goals out on a page, take an hour away from everything that might distract you – family, phone, tv etc and write out as many (we recommend 4-6) meaningful goals for yourself that you would wish to accomplish with great intention ‘make your order with the powers that be’. 

Also, make them your goals, that’s an obvious statement but think about it, are you wanting something honestly for yourself or because societal ways and other inputs have made you believe this is what you should have and want, we know that’s deep however we believe it’s better to go for that which YOU truly want at the start to save yourself problems down the line.

Step 2 - Drop/pay less attention to whatever gets in the way of your goal

If it doesn’t serve you, you should not serve it.

It’s a simple as, if you wish to be somewhere that is not where you currently are, you will need to be doing things differently to what you are doing now. Drop the importance of the new things you wish to do, let them naturally occur with every step, take the pressure of yourself, accept yourself and accept the world, by doing this is will make that which you wish to do a much smoother process. You will not learn through others, you will learn through action and reflection. There is no need to complicate goals and getting where you wish to be, as much as we can all get ourselves into a weird state of thinking, never worry, trust the process with your clear intention of that which you wish to have. 

When you go and get the post out of the letter box, do you allow yourself to ramble on about x y or z, or do you go and get the post. It is the same process, go get your post (goal) with the intention of getting your post (goal). The main thing throughout this whole journey of you getting that which you desire is you accepting that you’re going to get it, just as if you’re getting the post. As time moves on the path becomes more clear, people/situations/experiences will occur during the way naturally and more will make sense down the line.

By accepting and transmitting negative energy, you create your individual hell.

By accepting and transmitting positive energy, you create your individual heaven.

Step 3 - Act as if you have what you desire

Do not ask, do not demand and do not fight, but just go and take it i.e. to express the pure intention, designate the goal and start taking steps towards the goal (act).

Please refrain from looking at these steps as wishy washy woo woo stuff, from our experience, it works.

The point of this is to share how we have used such ways of thinking to assist you on your way.

You control your world, so you control how you see it.

You have the decision in every second that you live to view the world in the way you want to, be that positive or negative.

You can view it as everything is going as planned or everything is going against you. That is up to you. Whatever way you decide to view it, just understand that you are deciding to view it that way , accept the responsibility of controlling your life and let’s move forward.


We wish you the best of luck on your journey.
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